Privacy Policy

At Exclusive Limousine Service, discretion is as much a part of our business as getting our customers from point A to point B on-time, safely, and comfortably. We value our customer’s privacy and recognize the trust our customers place with us. Exclusive Limousine Service is committed to protecting your personal data and adheres to the highest ethical standards in processing that data.

This policy is intended to inform you of what information Exclusive Limousine Service collects from its customers, what it does with that data, and what Exclusive Limousine Service does to ensure that your personal data is kept confidential and safe. Exclusive Limousine Service may change this policy from time to time without prior notice. Any changes will appear on this page. Please check the policy periodically for any changes.

What personal data does Exclusive Limousine Service collect about me and why?

Exclusive Limousine Service collects only the personal data it needs to ensure that we can accurately provide the rides our customers ask for. Exclusive Limousine Service also collects personal data that will make the reservation process more efficient.

Exclusive Limousine Service website sends personal data, such as your name, address(es), phone numbers, and email address to our management team. This data is used to make your use of our service more efficient.

Credit card information is not collected from our website and at this time we do not recommend emailing that information to us. Instead, the manager of your event will call you to discuss and arrange payment with you, ensuring your credit information is kept safe and secure.

How does Exclusive Limousine Service use my personal data?

Exclusive Limousine Service uses the personal data in our customer profiles, including histories of past rides, to make the reservation request process as efficient as possible. Rather than ask our customers to repeat this information every time they call, we have it at our finger tips ready for use.

Exclusive Limousine Service will occasionally use past ride information (in aggregate with other customers) to analyze average trip lengths and other information to help us optimize our business methods and provide the best quality service possible to our customers. Exclusive Limousine Service never uses a specific customer’s information for such purposes.

Does ExclusiveLimousine Service share my personal data with anyone?

Exclusive Limousine Service shares our customer’s personal information with our Exclusive Limousine Service Affiliates and other vendors or service providers if the reservation will be performed by them. However, in such cases, only the information required to complete the ride is shared. Credit card information is not shared. Exclusive Limousine Service may provide personal data to regulatory authorities and law enforcement officials in accordance with applicable law.

How do I change my personal data?

To change your personal data with us, simply email us at [email protected] or call 866-983-LIMO (5466).